What we do?


An opportunity to become the citizen-commisioner of an artwork

Art Living Lab for Sustainability seeks to promote stable alliance/constituencies between actors of European territories to facilitate innovation ecosystems to get Nature-Based Artistic Solutions. Faced with complex sustainability challenges, only participatory and transversal responses can be given. Contemporary art is more than a work of art, there are also protocols, devices and soft methodologies that can be replicated in other places. In fact, few places are as disruptive as art.

The objective of this project is to promote transversal cultures of participatory that respond to environmental challenges on three types of natural commons: land, water and clay. It will activate three participatory processes through the Living Lab experience, where artists should attend to citizen demands resulting from a mediation process. In addition to the practice itself, it will be analysed the impacts and limits of participatory artistic processes. In addition to 3 participatory processes and subsequent 3 works of art, a tool kit will be generated to expand the scope of the project, as well as the documentation of the process. The objective is to demonstrate from practice how art and culture can intervene in sustainability.

The urgency of the climate crisis forces us to experiment with new governance models and generate relational spaces for co-working and decision-making and collective listening that help sustain the planet. Art Living Lab for Sustainability seeks to increase the skills of the cultural sector in the generation of participatory spaces and, above all, to increase awareness of the know-how that rural communities and the cultural sector have in managing ecosystems. The resilience of the territories involves strengthening local communities and networks of mutual support, and art has a great impact there.