We share live and in a multifaceted way the progress of the global project.


Focus on the Nature Based Solutions and promoting circular economies

The three artistic works of art must be ecological responses that should be respectful of the environment and that deepen the maintenance of ecosystems.


Conceiving the encounter while it is taking place

In late May we organised the first European session of Art as a Space of Encounter and a Common Walk in Galicia.


To face the climate crisis it is necessary to activate participatory processes

The main mission of this project is to demonstrate the capacity of culture and art to address sustainability and not only as a generator of new works of art but also as an activator of processes of participatory methodologies.


The power of the citizens: Nouveaux Commanditaires Network

The three partners Concomitentes (Spain), De Nieuwe opdrachtgevers/Les Nouveaux Commanditaires (Belgium) and La Societé de les Nouveaux Commanditaires (France) operate under this methodology.


What are the main targets ‘Art Living Lab for Sustainability' pursue?

This project seek, from practice, to see how culture can operate and become a relevant agent in sustainability.